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The Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai

The Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai ( SPTA ) viz. Shanghai Society of Plastics Industry (SSPI ) was formally founded in Feb.1990. The members of SPTA subordinate to petrochemical; chemical industry; light industry; mechanical & electrical; building material; etc.; different industrial department and contain all kind ownership system, such as: state owned; joint-venture; foreign exclusive investment & private owned, also include many famous related university and institute. SPTA covered all five special fields in plastics industry; the resin & plastic preparation; the plastic product processing; the plastic additive production; the plastic mould design and production; the plastic machinery manufacture.

Through 4 terms of executive council and secretarial staff’s hard work, SPTA achieved great success and was chosen as “ Advanced association” six times in 1994, 2001, 2003,2006,2008, and 2010 and respectively by Shanghai industrial economic ferderation, and was awarded prize medal. The third term change election of SPTA was held in Dec. 2002, and founded the third term executive council of SPTA. The leader of SinoPec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. was elected as new president, and the leader of Plastics business division of Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd; the Shanghai Chlor-Alkali chemical Co. etc.; total 18enterprises was elected as vice president, 60 enterprises formed third new executive council. The member sum of SPTA are 210, and set up three branch committee: the PVC products professional committee; the engineering plastic professional committee and the plastic packaging professional committee. SPTA draw up the “ Guide regulation & Guide pact” and “professional committee’s work rules “ and put into effect. The normal mission of SPTA are: carry out the judgement of famous high quality plastic product; authenticate the symbol of green products; assess the famous trade mark of Shanghai; evaluate the prestige & sincerity system of enterprise; lay down the post standard of a new occupation; co-sponsor the large scale international exhibition & special forum; release information; etc. SPTA has established special web station: “Shanghai plastic web” and regular published the monthly magazine: “Shanghai plastic news report”.

Under the guide of Shanghai municipal Economic Commission 、Shanghai Industrial Economic Federation, and according the principal: “service, coordination, protect rights & interests, self-discipline” SPTA hard to work, and firmly keep in mind the major aim of SPTA is ”Service” for member factories and related trade factories.

President of SPTA: Chen Ming

Secretary General: Qin Jianwang

Address: Room 903, No.2052,North Zhongshan Road,Shanghai,China

Post code: 200063

Tel. (86) 21 62985029 Fax: (86) 21 62771363

Web site: www.sspi.com.cn e-mail: sspi2012@163.com

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